Legacy of Cotton Fields Back Home

For those compelled to read meanings into images, this should be pretty easy to interpret. A huge expanse of sky over Louisiana farmland, bisected by a two-lane road flanked by a single, solitary tree and small, deserted sharecropper's shack on one side and miles of towering telephone poles on the other that might bring to mind the imposing dominance of technology over disappearing traditional agricultural economies of the past. I didn't capture this image reading the whole set of metaphors, but rather a more practical use in mind; reference while scouting locations for scenes in a film (the Great Debaters). I was affected by the starkness of the single house and tree miles from anything urban—the kind of place where I'd want to live. It was later that the imposing dominance of those poles made themselves elemental to the composition and I recognized their significance in statements about rural tradition and progress, etc. I can't remember a time without transmission lines of some sort, but I can remember when there were more telephone lines. It's easy for me to romanticize a scene without them, in which I'm driving a wagon down this long road through the wide expanse of fields.